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1.Quality Principles: Scientific management and continuous innovation, so as to provide advanced and reliable products and satisfactory services for customers.
2.System Certification: The Company has passed the quality management system certification of ISO9001:2015.
3.Warranty Period: The normal service life of transformers is 30 years.
4.Warranty Basis: Advanced technology and techniques, advanced equipment, high-quality raw materials, sound quality guarantee system and testing measures.

Quality Commitments:
1. Provide quality products conforming to design standards in strict compliance with contractual requirements.
2. Strictly check and control the incoming quality of raw materials, original components and accessories.
3. Ensure the processing technology and the testing measures of the device supplied are perfect, and zero defect of the products.
4. Take full responsibility for subcontractor's supply, quality, equipment performance, technical interface and service, etc., and the subcontractor of the key components specified in the contract must meet the requirements of relevant qualifications and be approved by the demander.
5. Provide applicable departmental standards and drawings to the supervision unit in accordance with the contract, and provide convenience for the supervision unit, and give a 7-day prior notice to the demander and the supervision representative on the hold point of the equipment subject to supervision.
6. Timely inform the demander and the supervision representative of the quality defects arising in the equipment manufacturing process, without concealing any equipment defect beyond the contractual standards, and the supplier will replace the same unconditionally. In case of quality problem during installation and trial run of equipment, deal with the problem first and then apportion responsibilities, all subject to meeting the progress of the project.
7. Take out insurance for the supplied equipment during manufacturing, transportation, loading and unloading, and in case of accident, we will replace and repair the supplied equipment per the requirements of the demander as soon as possible for free until the demander is satisfied.
8. In case of missing parts found during case opening or loss of parts due to other reason, we will be responsible for providing the missing parts as soon as possible for free. In case of any quality problem found during the installation, commissioning of the equipment or subsequent operation of the equipment, if it is attributable to us, we will assume the liability and compensate for the direct economic loss of the demander.

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