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After-sale Service Commitments

Build the image of customer service center: Build the image of customer service center: Strengthen our customer service work, by standardizing and systemizing the code of conduct of service personnel and formulating a service manual. Our customer service philosophy is “advanced technology, convenient service”.
Build a user tracking service system: Set up user files, regularly track the use, maintenance, parts purchase and operation development of the equipment of each user, collect suggestions and feedback, so as to better serve every user.
Strengthen customer service quality: During the pre-sale, sale and after-sale period of transformers, provide guidance and training on product maintenance to relevant personnel of the users when needed, so as to satisfy the customers’ needs to the maximum extent.

Maintenance of transformer product (including all equipment and component) issues.
Provide analysis report on quality issues for users.
Guide the users to train corresponding personnel on maintenance and operation knowledge
If the customers need, we can provide technical service during the period of product operation, such as sending professional technician to provide field services during product delivery, installation, commissioning, operation, delivery test and personnel training.
Upon receipt of any after-sale service information, our user service engineer will respond immediately and timely go to the site to provide service.
After-sale services phone number: 15205743279

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