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Welcome to the website of YOURJAI!

In this era of rapid economic globalization, modern information network communication technology shortens the distance between manufacturers and users, and also builds a better communication platform for our user service。

In these 25 years, YOURJAI keeps forging ahead with determination and perseverance per the business philosophy of "Co-creation, Unceasing Innovation, Unlimited Service"。 We put the R&D of product technology in the first place of the Company's sustainable development and thereby constantly improve our core competitiveness!

In the road ahead and in face of the increasingly open market, we will continue carrying forward the enterprise spirit of “Honest and Pragmatic, Pursuit of Excellency, Dare to Innovate, Challenge the Future”, and on the basis of offering safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving distribution transformers, devote to providing users with efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly electricity services and become a reliable distribution service expert for customers。

Looking back, we have made some achievements through constant hard work; yet, looking ahead, we still have a long way to go. In this world of highly advanced and developed science and technology nowadays, we are earnestly and enthusiastically looking forward to the joining of and cooperation with professionals from all walks of life, with infinite development space, for a glorious future!

                                                                                          Group President——Lili

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