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1993: Ningbo Yongjia Transformer Co., Ltd. was established with registered capital of 400,000 US dollars.
1997: The company's first batch of new S9-M series products oil-immersed distribution transformer officially offline
November 1999: Our company passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system for the first time.
May 2000: The first batch of ZSGS9-Z(H) American box transformer series products officially went off the line
August 2001: SG10 dry-type transformer winding of our company was awarded "utility model" by "State Intellectual Property Office"
March 2002: Our company introduced a complete set of technology and production process from MORA Company in Germany, and began to produce SG (B) 10 series of non-encapsulated dry-type transformers.
December 2002: SG10 Open Dry Change was awarded the certificate of "the second prize of excellent new products and new technologies in 2002" by Ningbo Municipal Government.
In April 2003, "Non-encapsulated Dry Change" was awarded "National Torch Plan Project" by "Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of Ministry of Science and Technology".
May 2003: The company's registered capital increased to $1 million
January 2004: identified as "2003 large and medium-sized township enterprises in Yinzhou District" by "Yinzhou economic development and Cooperation Bureau"
November 2004: The company's registered capital increased to $1.288 million
April 2005: Achieved "Advanced Technological Enterprises with Foreign Investment in 2004" appraised by Municipal Foreign Economic Bureau
November 2005: Passed the "ISO 9001:2000GB/T19001-2000" quality system certification of China Quality Certification Center.
August 2006: The dry-type transformer manufactured by the company has become the equipment supplier of the Beijing Olympic Bicycle Stadium.
December 2006: The Yongjia brand transformer produced by our company is recognized as "Zhejiang Brand Product" by "Zhejiang Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau".
June 2007: It was recognized by Ningbo Economic Cooperation Development Bureau and Ningbo Finance Bureau as the special award of "Double Fifty Project" Enterprise Government in 2006.
September 2008: Obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise Certificate" again.
December 2008: China's Famous Trademark Title
December 2009: Company Engineering Technology Center upgraded to Ningbo Enterprise Engineering Technology Center
On December 9, 2010, SHB10-630/10 and S237, which were independently innovated and developed by the Engineering Technology Center of the Group Corporation, were successfully passed by the Electrical Testing Center, marking a welcome step in the structural adjustment of dry-change products of the Group Company.
On July 14, 2011, Li Li, president of the Group Company, was awarded the title of "the 10th Ningbo Excellent Entrepreneur".
In January 2011, the company was certified by the Italian CESI product certificate. (SB-100_33).
April 26, 2012: Ningbo Yongjia Transformer Co., Ltd. "Academician Workstation" was awarded by the Organizational Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Science and Technology Association.
On June 15, 2013, Beijing Electric Power Products Certification Experts arrived at the company and randomly sampled the company's products. Through spot check, the company's production of S13 series, SH15 series and so on, have passed the field test.
In 2014, Li Li was awarded as a pacesetter of Ningbo City's "Jiangong"
In 2015, it won the top ten brands of transformers in China's electrical industry in 2015.
In 2016, he was awarded Zhejiang Brand Product Certificate
In 2017, he was awarded the well-known business name of Zhejiang Province.
Academician Workstation of Zhejiang Province in 2018
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